BLACK+DECKER LE750 Lawn Edger Review

BLACK+DECKER LE750 Landscape Edger And Trencher Review

All homeowners like to keep up their gardens in the best way possible. However, to give their gardens the perfectly manicured finish, they must find appropriate tools to get the job done. A lawn edger is one of the most effective tools to take care of the lawn and make it look like professionally maintained.

Lawn edgers have rotating heads that spin in a vertical motion. They utilize plastic or metal blades for cutting. However, there are also a few models that have strings. A lawn edger is primarily used to cut grass that hangs over plant beds or any hard surface such as driveways.


An edger leaves a tiny gap between the grass and the space users to want grass free. With the right kind of lawn edger, you get a beautiful looking lawn or garden. As many power edgers fail to deliver the performance that they claim, buying the right edger that best suits your garden needs is a challenge.

The Black Decker LE750 Lawn Edger is one of the finest products currently available to prune your lawn. Its powerful motor allows users to manicure their lawns and boost their curb appeal.

  • Added safety due to built-in cord retention
  • Weighs only 12.4 pounds
  • A two-year warranty

Moreover, it is a light weight item and extremely convenient to use. The machine is capable of performing multiple tasks with unbeatable precision. It works well with all kinds of surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways and your patio. The Black+Decker lawn edger also lets you take care of your plant border and garden beds.


Undeniably, this electric landscape edger is one of the most popular edgers that require no setup. Buyers can use it as soon as they unpack the product. The edger springs into action with just a simple release of the trigger to take on the most challenging curbs.

The handle assistance features the flexibility of being attached to the right or left of the edger so that users can use it according to their preference. Look at some of the product's main features:

  • A high powered and light weight motor offers incredible results along the hardest of surfaces
  • Users can easily adjust it according to their requirements, making the lawn mowing job less complicated
  • Although it has a powerful motor, the machine is very quiet and does not cause too much noise
  • Convenient to clean and use
  • Comes with an additional edger blade
  • Un-interrupted edging with built-in cord retention
  • Versatile and multi-purpose

Simply adjust the depth of the trench with its three position blade system to start your edging process. Apart from being lightweight, it also features a functional three wheel design that makes the edger convenient to operate for maximizing balance.

Using BLACK+DECKER LE750 Lawn Edger

The product is from Black+Decker, which is a household name in the industry for creating thousands of products to help the common consumer. The brand designs this product keeping safety and ease of use in mind. The machine is capable of clearing out exact demarcations.

What Others Are Saying

The Black Decker LE750 Lawn Edger is a powerful machine that is well received by customers due to its powerful mechanics. Considering its features and the functionality it brings to the common user; it is an affordable product that comes with the guarantee of Black+Decker.

First-time users may require a few demos or tutorials to know how this product works. However, you can easily operate it by following the instructions that come with this edger.

The three position blade system conveniently adjusts the depth of the trench to offer a greater control of the lawn edger. The LE750 is admired by users as it is light weight, which implies that users can easily move around with this machine, making the lawn mowing experience fairly convenient.

Users can also easily clean out the debris from the operator, thanks to the counter clockwise rotation of the steel blade.

Customers are not only happy to clear away all their hard surfaces; they also report that the machine comes very handy in helping dig deep trenches for laying underground wires outdoor lighting. On the whole, it is one of the best lawn edgers to date that helps homeowners to maintain their gardens and lawns the same way as professionals do.

Buying Advice

When you purchase this lawn edger, you no longer have to worry about stubborn overgrowth. Thanks to a robust 11 Amp motor, you can take care of all kinds of bushes without much hassle. The product is engineered to perform efficiently without wasting too much energy.

A simple pull of the trigger leashes the edger’s power so you can mend your lawn with ease. Moreover, this landscape trencher has a high torque and a 7 ½ inch steel blade with a clockwise rotation to throw debris and dirt away from the machine. The tool is designed for quick and secure operation to shape your garden the way you like it.

If you want a robust, durable and a product manufactured by a reliable brand, then the Black+Decker LE750 is a perfect choice. It not only helps you to increase the curb appeal of your property; it also maintains huge gardens in a less time. The product has garnered positive reviews on where it is available for $79 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

This product is exceptional for all homeowners who have a small or medium-sized lawn. If your garden is in desperate need of quick clearing session; this is the perfect tool that is worth your money.

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The Black + Decker LE750 is a versatile addition to your equipment that manicures your garden with a professional touch. Since users can also convert this edger into a trencher for digging clean trenches; they easily reshape their flower beds or install invisible dog fencing or lighting.

All products undergo rigorous testing and pass premium quality checks before reaching your hands. Since it is proven to perform with less noise and more power, it is ideal for all kinds of users who want to benefit from a noise-free cleaning solution. Once you get your hands on this tool, taking care of your lawn and garden becomes a breeze.

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