WORX WG896 Lawn Edger Review

WORX WG896 Lawn Edger Review

Gardens and lawns can be of any size and shape. Home owners may have trouble keeping up with the many challenges that are involved in manicuring a lawn for giving it a perfect finish. Sometimes, customers end up buying the wrong tool to take care of their garden.

Many different kinds of edgers, trimmers, and mowers cater to different lawn sizes. However, customers should invest in a product that is multi-purposes to do more work in less time. The right electric lawn edger can be a valuable addition to your equipment. Many of these machines are light weight but work with a powerful motor to take care of all kinds of gardens.

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An efficient lawn edger keeps your driveways and pathways clear as it neatly trims all surfaces after you have just mowed the lawn. By keeping these surfaces manicured, you can greatly increase the curb appeal of your house or property.

You can beautify your flower beds by neatly cutting and trimming around the edges of your lawn to make your flowers stand out. There are many gas and electric units to help today’s consumers. However, electric edgers offer a more convenient as less messy operation than gas powered units.

All electric lawn edgers are capable of performing more in less time with a quiet operation. Hence, keeping your garden neat without disturbing your neighbors is easily accomplished with electric edgers.

About The Product

The Worx WG896 2-in-1 offers you 12 amps of power in your hands, which makes it a powerful machine that is engineered to keep all edges along the perimeter of a flower bed or yard; clear and crisp.

  • Powerful 12 Amp motor for replicating professional results
  • Maximum control and comfort with pivoting handle
  • Easy cleaning access thanks to a functional design
  • Quiet operation
  • 3-position blade depth adjustment
  • Modifiable shaft to cater to different postures and heights
  • A three-year limited warranty
  • No mess
  • Cutting line indicator for precision
  • Easy cleaning access thanks to a functional design
  • Three blade depth settings
  • Portable and lightweight

This product is also designed to dig trenches for electric lines or buried sprinklers. It is one of the best products and performs better than similar products that come with the same price tag. It offers tremendous benefits than other conventional gas-powered machines.

Being light-weight and highly convenient to use; all you have to do is plug it in, and you are set to do all your desired tasks. The model does not require frequent maintenance like other edgers that can be both expensive and time-consuming for today’s busy homeowner.

Worx, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, is trusted by thousands of consumers and has been around for quite some time. This edger is one of their many products that are popular among users who want hassle-free and affordable solutions.

Using WORX WG896 Lawn Edger

This product is a suitable electric lawn edger that scores good reviews owing to its impressive 12 amp motor. The three position depth adjustment is also the highlight of this tool. With a cutting line indicator, the model has an adjustable shaft for easy use.

The handle has a pivoting system that offers unbeatable precision, which is an ideal product for all users who have a small to a medium-sized yard. There is nothing that can go wrong with this powerful tool. Being lightweight and portable, you can easily use it while accomplishing a powerful performance due to a sturdy lithium-ion battery.

What Others Are Saying

Customers who have bought this product are delighted with their purchase. There are dozens of positive reviews for the WORX WG896 electric lawn edger thanks to its inventive design and unbeatable mechanics. The product is easier to handle than other conventional edgers and is popular for because of its noise-free operation.

The product beats its competitors with its professional-looking results that deliver neat and clean edges against all kinds of hard surfaces or flower beds.

The machine features a 3-position blade depth with an impressive cutting line indicator to guarantee maximum precision. Users simply need to adjust the handle and the shaft for optimal control and maximum comfort.

You get plenty of power with this machine, thanks to 12 amp motor that is powerful enough for making trenches and edging. All users are happy with the pivoting handle that provides great control, making the machine convenient to handle. Built-in cord maintenance guarantees safe storage of the extension cord.

It is effortless and quick to assemble. Since you do not require any tools to set up this machine, you can use it as soon as you unpack it. The 3-position blade depth tuning allows accurate cutting and easy management of the machine.

Buying Advice

If you want to invest your money into a machine that gives you professional results without requiring much maintenance or any replacements, this is the product you should buy. With this model, you are sure to get a uniformly neat and clean lawn and garden.

It swiftly works against flower beds and all types of hard surfaces. The lawn edger is a sturdy and reliable tool to guarantee optimal cutting results.

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Source: worx.com

The energy and time it takes to take care of your lawn edges have significantly decreased with the launch of several innovative tools. This electrically powered edger enables all users to take care of their lawns and gardens with a powerful tool that offers great stability and control. All users can choose between three blade depth positions.

The lawn edger has received positive reviews from customers on Amazon.com where it is available for a price of around $75 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

This machine is engineered specifically for delivering professional and uniform trimming of all your lawn edges. Take care of your driveway, sidewalk or driveway or any hard surface with this incredible machine. Simply plug it in and get a powerful cleaning session that doesn’t cause a lot of noise to disturb your neighbors.

The Worx WG 896 Electric Lawn Edger delivers an impressive performance that makes it stand apart from its rivals.

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