Your Ultimate Guide To Using A Lawn Edger

Your Ultimate Guide To Using A Lawn Edger

The grass is greener on the other side only when you don't take care of your lawn. Fortunately, the task isn't as difficult as most people presume, especially if you have the right tools to get the job done. For instance, the lawn edger is an excellent yard tool which can be used for trimming weeds and grass along fences, sidewalk edges or in between paving stones.

What Is A Lawn Edger?

As the name indicates, the lawn edger is easy to use yard tool for trimming grass and weed, which is a great alternative to using lawn mowers which cannot trim hard to reach spaces in the yard. Fortunately, there are many different lawn edgers in the market designed to accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

Using Gas Lawn Edger

Each particular type has its varying features to suit your particular needs. This guide will teach you everything there is to know about lawn edgers.

Types Of Lawn Edger

Homeowners can choose between five different types of lawn edgers. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it all comes down to your personal choice. Here's everything you need to know about each type:

Electric Lawn Edgers

As the name indicates, you need to plug these lawn edgers into an electrical outlet. This type of model typically comes with an extension cord. Electric lawn edgers are best suited for small yards or places outdoor spaces which require a limited amount of work.

This machine is also quieter than its gas counterpart and is more compact which means you conveniently transport it from place to place.

Gas Powered Lawn Edger

Gas lawn edgers can function without an electrical cord which means you can use the machine practically anywhere you want. Homeowners can use the machine to cut along lamp posts, flower beds, trees, and the list goes on. Gas models offer a user-friendly control, and you can also use them for trimming large lawns. The powerful tool also works well with tall weed.

Manual Lawn Edger

Manual lawn edgers usually have a rolling wheel, with spikes on each side. Thanks to the long handle, users can push the machine across an area to get rid of grass or weed. This type of edger can also be used to clear up the driveway or sidewalk to create a fine edge. Using a manual lawn edger prevents plants from sprouting into tight spaces.

Manual Lawn Edger

Not to mention, a traditional lawn mower may not be to reach small spaces. Another notable advantage is that these lawn edgers are relatively cheaper and much easier to use.

Push- Type Lawn Edgers

Push-type lawn edgers have wide reels and rubber wheels that are easy to use. Since this type of edger has blades, you can make adjustments to ensure it is just the right size for your lawn and is suitable for the path.

String Lawn Edgers

String lawn edgers don’t feature blades and cannot be adjusted. This type of machine does not have wheels, which means you may have trouble carrying it around. It simply features a nylon line which is a monofilament.

Thanks to its super-fast motion, the string lawn edgers can easily cut any grass you want. However, this machine typically works well when there is only a light amount of grass. To solve this problem, consider investing in a lawn edger with a powerful blade.

Different Types Of Blades

When purchasing a lawn edger, you may have to choose from many different blades. The most popular types include star-shaped blades, flat rectangular blades and flat blades featuring scoop-cut ends. Knowing the benefits of each type makes it easier for folks to determine which blade is the best. The most popular types include:

Flat Blade With Scoop-Cut

These blades are suitable for edging delicate areas in the lawn such as flower beds or plants or bushes which can be disturbed by rough cutting. The scooped end design makes it easier for people to achieve a distinguishable clean cut without putting in much effort. It also prevents the weeds from spreading all over the flower bed.

Flat Blade With Scoop Out

Flat Rectangular Blade

Flat rectangular blades have sharp edges on the opposite corners. It is also beneficial for edging a lawn next to an unpaved driveway and is the easiest type of blade to use. We suggest you use this blade for electric or gas models. This blade is not well suited for a manual edger since you’re likely to have trouble rotating the blade in thick soil and tough weed.

Star-Shaped Blade

As the name indicates, these star shaped blades feature sharp points, which is ideal for edging walls, fences, and other kinds of solid barriers. The unique blade type keeps hedges and shrubbery in control and also allows homeowners to clear away weed.

Star shaped blades can also be used to dig drainage channels with a raised bed. Using this blade is great for increasing aeration and aiding plantation of seeds.

How To Edge A Lawn With A Lawn Edger

Using a lawn edger is an excellent way to create neat flower beds and improve the overall appearance of your lawn. You can also use these tools expand the existing flower bed or to mark edges for a new vegetable garden that you have always dreamed of having. Here’s a short guide on how to use a lawn edger to edge your garden.

Choose Between A Manual Or Motorized Lawn Edger

Before edging the lawn, it is essential you choose between a manual or a motorized edger. A manual lawn edger typically features a metal or wooden pole with a semi-circular blade at the end, causing it to resemble a small shovel.

Using Lawn Edger

How To Use A Manual Lawn Edger

Manual lawn edgers work by applying pressure using your foot. Ensure you’re wearing a solid, sturdy pair of shoes when using the tool.

We suggest you use a manual lawn edger when the ground is moist, which will allow you to cut through the surface without any problems easily. Avoid using the edger during winter when the ground is frozen and difficult to edge. Follow these steps:

  • Inspect the area where you intend on using the lawn edger. Some edgers may require you to push and pull the tool back and forth using the rotating blade. On the other hand, some edgers will require you to push the blade deep in the grass. If cement surrounds the ground, use a spade to loosen the edge, which will make the process a whole lot easier.
  • Once you have pushed the edger on the ground, you may have to rock the tool back and forth to loosen the ground.
  • Consider prying the area open to see where the edger has positioned itself. Move the tool a few inches away and take care of the rest of the area. Once you are at the end of the row, use a spade to get rid of the excess grass.

How To Use A Motorized Lawn Edger

It is essential you read the manufacturer's guides to learn more about the particular model. Most tools come with two settings: one to cut the turf and another one to trim the grass.

Some tools allow users to set the depth of the cut. Ensure the settings are right before you start up the machine. You must also mark the area that needs to be cut and ensure the markings are still visible. Follow these instructions while using a motorized lawn edger for a new planting bed:

  • Decide on a suitable location for your new flower bed. Ensure the spot does not have power or water lines which will be interrupted during the digging process. Also, ensure the location is away from utility holes. We suggest you avoid setting up a plant bed in a marshy area where there will be lots of puddles. If you have a drainage problem, it is essential you improve the soil quality or raise the area before installing a flower bed.
  • Use strings and pegs to mark the location of the new flower bed. You can also use paint or a spray can.
  • ​Start up the lawn edger to define edges for the bed, which will make it easier for you to start the digging process. Start working on the area after you mark it accordingly.
  • Use the lawn edger to define the edges of the new flower bed. Play close attention to the instructions printed on the machine.
  • Once you have made a visible line on the edge, make a second cut. This cut must be one inch inside the first one. The second cut should be made at a slight angle to make a thin strip of turf, which guarantees easy removal.
  • Now, it is time to remove the turf and start digging the rest of the flower bed. Use a spade to start digging, which will improve the overall quality of the soil.
  • Over the passage of time, the edges of the flower bed are likely to get messy. Only use the lawn edger when it is required.
  • Similar to other gardening tools, lawn edgers require proper maintenance. You need to sharpen the manual edgers when the blade starts to wear off. Cleaning the blades on a regular basis will also prolong its sharpness.

On the other hand, motorized lawn edgers function a lot like lawn movers, which means you don't need to replace the blades for another three years. However look for nicks in case the blades wear out, and you have to replace it. If the blades of grass seem torn, it's a sign that you need to replace the blades.

How To Edge The Lawn Without An Edger

Improving curb appeal becomes a lot easier if you have the right tools to get the job done. Aside from a lawn edger, homeowners can also use string trimmers to get rid of messy lawn edges. However, not knowing how to use a string trimmer properly can result in many problems.

Using String Trimmer

To edge the garden, you must use the string trimmer in a vertical position. Walk the trimmer along the path, which will result in a neat trim. Don't be surprised if you find rocks, stones and another kind of debris in your path. You're likely to find many stones and rocks if you have not edged the yard before.

Cut the weeds that appear on the driveway and the sidewalk. Consider tipping the tool so that the string trimmer does not come in to contact with the pavement. Running the trimmer on the pavement will not result in any real cutting. Tilting the machine will allow you take all the weeds in your path.

Top Lawn Edger Manufacturers

If you want to purchase the best products, it is essential you choose from some of the most reputable brands out there. Here are some of the most reputable brands you should know about:

Black + Decker

Black + Decker is among the most reputable brands when it comes to manufacturing quality power tools, home improvement products, and accessories.

The company has been around for years and is known for manufacturing exceptional quality products that come with a great warranty. Black + Decker is among the best in the market. Its landscape edgers typically have many features which make it easier for homeowners to maintain their lawn.


Worx is a popular line of garden and lawn equipment which is owned by Positec Tool Corporation. Aside from lawn edgers, the brand also manufactures lawn mower, trimmers, chainsaws and other kinds of products.

Using WORX Edger

The brand is known for producing high-quality lawn edgers that are both lightweight and offer superior performance. Other useful gardening products include yard carts, leaf blowers and lots more.


Greenworks is one of the leading companies in the world of gardening and landscape maintenance. Their high-quality products are designed to reduce frustration, making it easier for homeowners to maintain their yards.

Aside from Greenworks lawn edgers, the brand also manufactures high-quality leaf blowers, trimmers and much more. Customers will be pleased to know that the products are both easy to use and highly efficient.


Troy-Bilt is an American company that has revolutionized landscaping. The company has been around since 1937 and has ever since helped thousands of farmers around the country. Troy-Bilt lawn edgers are among the best in the industry with tons of cool features. Aside from lawn edgers, the brand also manufactures high-end garden tillers, cultivators and lots more.

How To Ensure Your Lawn Edger Is In Perfect Condition

The engine is the heart of every machine which is why regular maintenance is important. Here’s everything you need to know about lawn edger engines and how to take care of them:

Inspect The Lawn Engine

Before starting up the machine, ensure the belts of the engine are not cracked or frayed. Don’t start up the machine if the belts look damaged or else it can ruin the whole lawn edger. Excess debris and not lubricating the engine can cause the recoil to get stuck.

Close Look Of Lawn Edger Motor

Ensure the engine’s recoil is fully retracting. If he recoil return is hanging loose, consider applying additional lubrication to solve the problem.

Check The Oil

Don’t start up the engine before checking the oil. Most brands ask homeowners to check the oil regularly. To avoid such problems, it is essential you check the dipstick and wipe it off any harmful dust and debris from entering into the machine.

Change the oil according to the manufacturer's guidelines. The edger operates in dirty, dusty environments, which is why you should inspect the oil more often.

Check The Air Filter

Inspecting the air filter is important for proper engine maintenance. Because of the outdoor environment, a significant amount of dirt and debris can find its way inside the machine and air filters. Not to mention, the engine is next to the blades. Replace the air filters according to their manufacturer's guidelines.

Clean The Engine

Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe potentially harmful dirt and debris off the engine. If you're not careful, the engine can become susceptible to leakers, damaged components, and loose parts. If there are any loose parts, tighten them up to prevent leaks and vibrations. Replace parts which need replacement.

How To Replace The Lawn Edger Blades

The lawn edger's blade is likely to wear down, and you will have to replace it with time. A sharp blade will make it easier for homeowners push through the turf. If the blade is no longer sharp and is starting to appear dull, you will either have to sharpen it or replace it with a new one.

Man Replacing Lawn Edger Blade

Replace the blades at your earliest as using a dull blade can cause damage to the lawn edger. Not to mention, you will have to put more pressure on it to achieve the best cut. Additionally, if you are using a gas powered machine, the edger will end up using extra gas because of the dull blade. Follow these instructions if you want to replace the blades.

Disconnect The Power

Before replacing the blades, it is essential you disconnect the power and switch off the machine, which will prevent the machine from switching on itself when you are replacing the blade. If you are using a gas powered lawn edger, remove the spark plug.

On the other hand, you need to switch electrically powered lawn edgers off before you start using it again. Consider wearing a pair of gloves so protect your hands from unexpected accidents.

  • Make sure that you have your work gloves on before you begin
  • Remove the Blade
  • Use an adjustable wrench to remove the blade

Fixing The New Blade

Once you have removed the new blade, it is essential you install the new one. Ensure you invest in the correct replacement blade to avoid any problems. You can also have the old blade fixed if that is possible.


Think back to how you removed the old blade and installed the new on in a similar manner. Ensure you have positioned the washers in the correct locations and put them back in the right order. Once you have placed the nut in its proper location, use adjustable wrenches to tighten it up.

Man Installing Law Edger Blade


Hopefully, this detailed guide has provided you all the information you need to know about lawn edgers. This underrated gardening tool can help you achieve better curb appeal, causing your home to be the envy of others.

Edgers are also great for getting rid of weed and trimming grass. For more information, don’t forget to check out our handy buyer’s guide. The article will contain important information that will help you in selecting the best products for your needs. Good luck!

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